donderdag 10 april 2014


An Italian restaurant hit town and it was about time. Since I'm from a small village, Riemst, nice places to eat are not numerous. Being a huge pasta lover myself, I anticipated the opening from "Poco Piu" with excitement.

photo credit to Sofie

The location is perfect, it's on a busy road right on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands attracting a mixture of clients. The interior is amazing; the main colours are red and black. Different sightings from Rome and quotes are wall painted. There's not lack of decorations at Poco Piu with fake trees, curtains and red lights being all over the place. The staff is young, energetic and above all very friendly and helpful.

If you want to check out their menu or book a table, go to the Poco Piu website. As you can see, the prizes are very reasonable especially for the great quality and taste. I started the evening with a glass of Prosecco, this costs € 4,85. In other restaurants you easily pay between € 5,00 and € 7,00. Some of the usual starters and bites are available at Poco Piu. We opted for the bruschettas and they were made like the real deal, with tomatoes.

Choosing my main course was a very hard thing to do. The possibilities are endless. Normally the choices for a difficult eater like me, no fish and barely any meat, are limited. Pizzas, pasta, meat and fish menus; everything is available. I eventually chose the Rustica pizza with salami, tomato, cheese, mushrooms and peppers. The pizza was quite big and super delicious.

The name from my dessert slipped my mind but again the choices were numerous. On the menu were lots of different kinds of ice creams but you could also go for something special like I did. The outside is like chocolate cake and the inside was filled with vanilla ice cream.

I will definitely return to this restaurant. I would advise it for people who want a delicious evening out and who like Italian food.

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