dinsdag 24 februari 2015

Instalab #33

Time for another glance into my privatife life. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @karenliesens.

  1. Selfie before hitting the gym.
  2. Welcome to my life.
  3. I went to the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey with some friends. 
  4. Love this clutch from Guess. 

  1. Fashion is everything. 
  2. A friend and I out partying. 
  3. I need this outfit from Supertrash in my life.
  4. Trio of pasta for lunch. 

  1. I really want to travel more. 
  2. Partying with friends.
  3. Adore this sweater by O'rèn. 
  4. Delicious dessert made by my best friend. 

  1. Having a Valentine's day drink with a friend. 
  2. Out for dinner. 
  3. One of my carnaval outfits: cheerleader.
  4. Throwback Thursday to the best school trip ever in Oxford. 

  1. My best friend and I celebrating carnaval. 
  2. Chocomouse for dessert.
  3. Well-deserved lunch break.
  4. Dressed up as a pirate. 

20 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke foto's!
    En wat zien die pastas er heerlijk uit.
    Liefs Lonneke

    1. Dankje Lonneke, de pasta's waren echt heerlijk!

  2. So nice that you have so much fun!
    Love the outfit from Supertrash as well! ;)

    xo, Marky

  3. Aah Mr. Grey!! En wat heb je geweldige quotes gevonden, ik ben er dol op :-).

    1. Wat leuk om je te horen dat je dol bent op mijn quotes!

  4. Reacties
    1. Right Sera, I think every girl knows this problem!

  5. I just loved this post. And you look great in that blazer.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  6. I really like how you organized the post. Very innovative :)

    xoxo Christina

    Stray Birds and Lavender

  7. I love these instas! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com