dinsdag 26 juli 2016

FASHION: Ericdress webshop

A girl never has enough clothes right!? Keeping this philosophy in mind I once again got lost in the magic world of fashionable web shops. You probably all know that feeling googling some kind of clothing piece and ending up saving like a hundred items in your "favourites" folder. Definitely one of my many bad habits.

This time my scene of crime was the Ericdress web store which you can find by clicking on the following link  http://www.ericdress.com/. It's a web shop which sells both cheap women and men's clothing. I know some of you are hesitant towards shopping online but Ericdress tackles all of your questions.

Firstly a lot of products are provided with reviews and the company itself already guarantees good quality. The website also offers a handy size chart so you can easily discover which size you need to order. Isn't that just handy because nobody likes to receive the wrong size right!?

No need to worry about paying safely. Ericdress allows multiple payment options such as PayPal. After fulfilling the payment your order will be shipped, again you are completely free to choose your preferred shipping method. If you have any questions left, don't hesitate to contact the Ericdress client service.

Now back to my shopping hunt. With summer finally being in town, I have been enjoying a lot of outdoor events. Unfortunately it can still get quite chilly at night. Therefore I was looking for a cheap knitwear cardigan. Below you can see some of my favourites, check all the pieces here: http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-knitwear-101902/

Another thing I'm looking for are plus size lace tops. Lace tops are so hot this summer, they are both sensual and delicate at the same time. Below again some of my favourite tips, find the full range on http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-tops-101887/.

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  1. Oooh woow dat laatste item! I want it!

  2. Hele coole items.. de knitwear is echt top!

  3. You choose quite a few lovely items. They are totaly my style and I definitely see myself wearing them. Alreadi have soo much combinations in my head :)


  4. I checked that site immediatly, great dresses!

  5. I love all the cardigans!


  6. All things are so beautiful !
    Great post .
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    Here is my blog : http://herecomesajla.blogspot.ba/
    I already follow you <3

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  8. great post, you would look amazing waring this things!

    Check my blog! :-)