donderdag 4 september 2014

Instalab #22

Every now and then I like to share with you my favorite Instagram pictures. If you want regular updates, please follow my account here.

NL: Nu en dan deel ik graag met jullie mijn favoriete Instagram foto's. Als je mij op vaste voet wilt volgen, kan je mijn account hier volgen.

A friend and I booked a trip to Barcelona. I will be there from the 20th - 22th September.

Damn right, I'm not a quitter.

Catching up with friends is usely combined with dinning out.

My outfit for work are usely quite comfy but still with a fashionable touch.

Going out to Très Chic.

Breakfast after a long night out.

I love mexican food.

I did a lovely collaboration with Whatthefashion? I'm in love with my new statement necklace.

My brother and I. We celebrated his 18th birthday this week.

Great style inspiration for my future home.

Lunch at work.

My new Iphone cover, the next best thing to actually owning the Chanel plexi bag.

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