woensdag 30 april 2014

Instalab #15

At Par Fête, a local afterwork party, I had these lovely pastas. 

At the Geox Breathes event I ran into the lovely Sofie Valkiers from Fashionata.

On a Friday evening we celebrated the birthday from one of my best friends with a jacuzzi party and a "small" bottle of alcohol.

My godchild with the dress I gave her for Easter.

The outfit I wore to the Fashionata's Ladies Night.

This is the outfit I wore to go to a dinner with friends. Love the colorful details.

I had a trio of chocolat as dessert. It's probably needless to point out how delicious it was.

Last Saturday I went to Replay Festival.

A healthy lunch to finish the week.

dinsdag 29 april 2014

OUTFIT: Spring in the castle courtyard

The past weekend I finally had some time to do a decent outfit shoot. Luckily my best friend was available and the sun was shining. We chose Alden Biesen, this is a castle in Bilzen, as location for our shoot. This castle and the courtyard, gardens,... around it are amazing definitely during spring.

Alden Biesen offers lots of cultural activities, impressive gardens, a lunch bar and a restaurant. This area is also perfect for a nice walk or pick nick. During the shoot we used different backgrounds, so you already get a good idea of the castle grounds.

For my outfit I chose the maxi dress I got from my aunt. This is an outfit piece that not everybody likes. Some of my friends think it's very pretty, others think it looks ridiculous. I think it suits me well although I feel more comfortable in a shorter dress. Because it was a bit windy yesterday I chose to match the dress with a dark blue blazer. As accessories I wore my headband from the H&M Conscious exclusive collection, my Michael Kors watch, the blue Michael Kors bag from my mother and my favourite bracelets from Stretch that Dollar.

Please share your opinion with me about this outfit.

I'm wearing

dress: Darling by Chloe 2 Dress
head band: H&M Conscious collection
bag: Michael kors
blazer: Zara
watch: Michael Kors
bracelets: Stretch that Dollar

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maandag 28 april 2014

Shoplog #4

Another week, another shoplog. Last week I attended Fashionata's ladies night in one of the most amazing stores in Belgium: Princess. During this night everybody got offered a 10 % discount. Now wouldn't it be a shame to not use this discount? As a real fashion addict I take every reason to shop.

As you know, I have been eying a Kenzo sweater for quite some time now but they always sell out so quickly and I don't always have to time to ride to Antwerp, which is about a 3h drive in total for me.
Luckily Princess had a huge supply of Kenzo items during the Fashionata's ladies night. I fell in love with the grey tiger sweater and luckily the size fitted me perfectly.

I can totally see myself wearing this sweater combined with some other casual items like a jeans or black leather pants. I also love how the sweater is very soft inside.

Princess has also a big range of Michael Kors items and you know I really adore this brand. It's so classy and from a very high quality. So you can imagine I really doubted between the Kenzo sweater and a new Michael Kors bag. In the end I decided not to buy a bag, for now, because I already have so many bags. 

Somehow it seems that my mother and I are mentally connected because she bought a Michael Kors bag that exact same day. It's a small brown cross body bag which comes really in handy with the kick-off from the festival season.

vrijdag 25 april 2014

EVENT: Fashionata's Ladies night

My favourite Belgian fashion blog by far is Fashionata by Sofie Valkiers. She has accomplished already so much like designing her own clothing line for Essentiel, collaborating with Jimmy Choo and being noticed by numerous international fashion magazines.

Sofie being interviewed

Reading her blog always leaves me with a very positive feeling, you can really tell she loves her job. And she really is the best at it. On her blog she also gives you a great inside into the fashion world which is very interesting definitely during fashion week.

My signed copy from The Little Black Book

Last year Fashionata introduced her Ladies night. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the previous one so I knew I just had to be there this year. The event this year was extra special due to the launch of Sofie Valkier's first book: "The Little black Book". This book should give us further inside into the fashion adventures from Sofie and is accompanied by some amazing pictures of her.

Together with Krizia from Shark Attack I made the trip all the way to Antwerp. The venue for this event was the Princess store on the Meir which all of you fashion addicts of course know as the paradise which sells brands such as Kenzo, Love Moschino, Michael Kors,...but also for their amazing shop interior.

Very delicous cocktail which added to the metropolitan feeling

We were welcomed very warmly by Sofie and her team and delicious cocktails were offered to us immediately. While buying the ticket for this event, everyone could choose one beauty class they wanted to attend. I chose for the OPI class because I love nail art and it's something I'm not really good at. Other work shops were a Balmain hair class, L'oréal hair chalk class and a MAC work shop.

The OPI nailbar powered by the Lak Store Antwerp

The OPI work shop was organised by the people from the Lak Store Antwerp. They were really nice and took plenty of time. The girl who did my nails advised me about some products I could use to improve the quality of my nails, some personal advice is always much appreciated. I'm really glad there's a discount voucher in the goodie bag which I will be gladly spending at the Lak Store.

As you can see, there was plenty of choice. I eventuelly opted for the orange in the middle.

When the work shops were finished, Princess showed some items of their beautiful summer collection during a fashion show. Once again I mentally added some items on my wish list such as a small, pink Marc Jacobs bag.

Look which beauties I spotted while shopping at Princess

After the fashion show everyone took some time to enjoy the 10% discount on the whole collection. I finally bought the grey Kenzo sweater that I have been eying for quite some time now. I can't wait to show it during an outfit post.

Krizia and I left the party quite early because we still had a long drive home ahead of us. Of course we didn't leave without picking up our goodie bag. And I must admit that Sofie and her team know how to put together a goodie bag. The bag included her book of course, some great beauty products delivered by the different sponsors, a Kenzo notebook (from now on I can take notes in style!),...

Content of the goodie bag: Dior perfume, gift voucher Lak Store, mini books, Kenzo note book, Hair Chalk L'oreal, Sofie Valkier's Little Black Book, Balmain mirror,...

Did you attend the event as well? Let me know what you think about my report!

woensdag 23 april 2014

Shoplog #3

Today it's time for another shoplog. As you might have read in my last outfit post, I spend my weekend at Knokke. It did some shopping as well. Knokke is known for its expensive shops but I was able to keep myself (and my bank account) in check. Here are the things I bought.

Statement necklace by H&M

I'm the kind of person who buys a lot of clothes, especially dresses, but who tends to forget that accessories can give your outfit that extra sparkle. Since I have an event on my agenda today with a black dress code, I figured I needed a statement necklace to spice up that dress. I chose a red necklace from H&M.

As I told you before, my usual day cream is the Hydra Life creme protection from Dior.  While I was checking out the new products at the Ici Paris XL store my mum noticed this gift box which had basically the same price tag as the normal product. 

The gift box includes a nice make up bag which comes at a perfect moment since my old bag is starting to fall apart. Of course my day cream is included in the package as well. On top of that the box also included two samples: the Hydra Life Eye protection which I can use as a supplement to my day cream and Capture totale one essential. The latter is quite expensive so I'm glad I got this as a sample. This product is a cell repairing product aka an anti-aging product. 

The last thing I bought is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture number 07 le Fuchsia lip stick. I've been searching for the perfect fuchsia lip stick for over a year now so I'm over the moon that I finally found my match. Somehow I always got doubtful when I tried out some fuchsia lip sticks at stores. Or they were too bright or not bright enough. I wore this lip stick to go out on Sunday night and I felt great. I can't wait to show it in a review post.

dinsdag 22 april 2014

OUTFIT: A day at Knokke

I spend my Easter Sunday at the Belgian seaside in Knokke. This is the most luxurious and my favorite place to be at our coast. Lots of amazing brands such as Phillipe Plein, Louis Vuitton and Hermès own a store there. Add up some great multibrand stores and it's a real heaven for shopaholics such as myself.

Since I'm trying to save up some money to spend during my holiday in Tuscany this summer, I didn't buy that much this time around. I'll show you my new goodies in my next shoplog. 

This article is about my outfit though. The weather wasn't that great and it was very windy. Still I couldn't resist the urge to put on a dress. I got to wear my fedora finally. Let me know what you think about the outfit.

BTW: keep your eye on my social media this week. I'm attending several events this week and I'll keep you posted regularly. 

I'm wearing: 

dress: H&M
shoes: Jimmy Choo
fedora: Men at Work
scarf: Hermès
sunglasses: Jimmy Choo
bag: Louis Vuitton

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zaterdag 19 april 2014

INSPIRATION: Easter outfit

Easter is a quite strange holiday. I think most people from my generation doesn't celebrate it anymore although Easter often means family dinners anyway. When I was thinking about what to wear for Easter, polka dots immediately popped on my mind. If you don't have a polka dot outfit in your wardrobe, or if you want a new one, check out some of my suggestions below.

vrijdag 18 april 2014

TREND: How to wear your spring coat?

The chancing of seasons acquires another clothing style and spring is probably the hardest season to dress in my opinion. In the morning it's often still freezing or close to freezing so you feel like putting on long pants, a blouse and a warm coat. But along the day the temperatures start rising and the outfit that seemed perfect a couple of hours earlier, is now annoying you. 

Luckily a lot of street style "people" have the right solution; don't put your coat on but put it on your shoulders. This gives a very easy yet very chic touch to your look. I really like this trend and I'm definitely going to try to fit it into one of my next oufit shoots. This trend is also perfect to spice up your work outfit for an after work event. What do you think about this trend? If you're still searching for a great coat, please check my suggestions below.


         Even & Odd by Zalando € 59,95                                   Asos € 112,37


       H&M € 149                                                                                 Supertrash € 194,99
        Balmain by Net-a-Porter €3,485                               M Missony by Smets € 760