zaterdag 12 april 2014

REVIEW: Zalando

As any good blogger I'm totally addicted to shopping. Often I see pieces of a certain brand in an ad campaign or online but I often don't seem to find them in physical shops. Luckily online shops are booming more than ever and the mother of all web shops is of course Zalando.

Zalando has already helped me through numerous clothing emergencies; from amazing party dresses to basic pieces and from shoes in every size to bags from every price range, Zalando gots it all.

Whenever I have some free time, I catch myself checking out the Zalando website over and over again. They offer huge amounts of articles. Nonetheless it's very easy to find exactly what you need because Zalando created different parameters to make your life easy. You can specify which product you search, which color, which size,...

Lately I have really been thinking about buying a new bag, more specific a Michael Kors bag. I have the two models below in mind. Which one would you choose?

I would use this bag to go to work. It's perfect because there fits a lot in this bag. I don't have a red bag yet so I really need to add this to my wardrobe.

This bag is a bit more classic but also very chic to spend summer at the sea side with. The combinations with different outfits pop into my mind immediately.

The reasons why I love shopping at Zalando are their simplicity of ordering, speed of delivery and huge supply. You have different payment methods: online but also after receiving the package if you have doubts towards paying online. Your package will be delivered at home between 3 to 5 workdays. I know lots of you are probably a bit afraid of shopping online because it's always nicer to see how something fits on you. But for this problem, Zalando gots the perfect solution as well. If something doesn't fit you, you can return your order for free (!). In addition to that Zalando offers discounts regularly to their clients. Tip: subscribe to their newsletter to stay up-to-date about the new trends and promotions.

Zalando's website is available in a Dutch version and a French version. Do you have any experience with ordering on the Zalando website? Would you consider ordering online?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Michael Kors and glad to hear that Zalando helped you already. I didn't order anything yet because I never find something that really convinced me. What a pity for me.

    ♥ ♥

  2. i really like the second Michael kors bag! i usually don't like that brand. I would definitely do online shopping, not sure for really expensive brands though...

  3. Ik zou voor de tweede gaan. De eerste zie je overal en dat vind ik een beetje jammer, terwijl de tweede net dat uniekere heeft. Maar goed, dat is mijn mening ^^ haha. Ze zijn uiteraard alletwee keimooi.

    Ik ben benieuwd welke het zal worden!

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