maandag 28 april 2014

Shoplog #4

Another week, another shoplog. Last week I attended Fashionata's ladies night in one of the most amazing stores in Belgium: Princess. During this night everybody got offered a 10 % discount. Now wouldn't it be a shame to not use this discount? As a real fashion addict I take every reason to shop.

As you know, I have been eying a Kenzo sweater for quite some time now but they always sell out so quickly and I don't always have to time to ride to Antwerp, which is about a 3h drive in total for me.
Luckily Princess had a huge supply of Kenzo items during the Fashionata's ladies night. I fell in love with the grey tiger sweater and luckily the size fitted me perfectly.

I can totally see myself wearing this sweater combined with some other casual items like a jeans or black leather pants. I also love how the sweater is very soft inside.

Princess has also a big range of Michael Kors items and you know I really adore this brand. It's so classy and from a very high quality. So you can imagine I really doubted between the Kenzo sweater and a new Michael Kors bag. In the end I decided not to buy a bag, for now, because I already have so many bags. 

Somehow it seems that my mother and I are mentally connected because she bought a Michael Kors bag that exact same day. It's a small brown cross body bag which comes really in handy with the kick-off from the festival season.

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  1. Toevallig, ik zit al even te denken om een Kenzo sweater te bestellen :D twijfel alleen over de maat...

    1. Ja Dorien voor de maat is het echt moeilijk. Ik heb meestal Large. In de grijze heb ik echter M, heb ook de zwarte gepast en die kreeg ik niet aan in M.

  2. love the brown bag...pretty

    my recent one :

  3. You got great items. I love animals prints. xoxo

    Visit my blog if you like:
    Enara's Things

  4. Very good !

  5. Hij is echt geweldig!! Een pareltje haha!!
    Ik draag er nu toevallig ook 1 op mn laatste blogpost ;)


  6. I loved! *-*
    Your blog is so cute!
    Instagram: @blogpeccos

  7. OMG kan niet wachten op je outfit met de kenzo trui.. ik heb er zelf ook 1.. echt heerlijk