vrijdag 18 april 2014

TREND: How to wear your spring coat?

The chancing of seasons acquires another clothing style and spring is probably the hardest season to dress in my opinion. In the morning it's often still freezing or close to freezing so you feel like putting on long pants, a blouse and a warm coat. But along the day the temperatures start rising and the outfit that seemed perfect a couple of hours earlier, is now annoying you. 

Luckily a lot of street style "people" have the right solution; don't put your coat on but put it on your shoulders. This gives a very easy yet very chic touch to your look. I really like this trend and I'm definitely going to try to fit it into one of my next oufit shoots. This trend is also perfect to spice up your work outfit for an after work event. What do you think about this trend? If you're still searching for a great coat, please check my suggestions below.


         Even & Odd by Zalando € 59,95                                   Asos € 112,37


       H&M € 149                                                                                 Supertrash € 194,99
        Balmain by Net-a-Porter €3,485                               M Missony by Smets € 760

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