donderdag 3 april 2014

EVENT: Denvin SS 14 Fashion show

I'm wearing: a Pinko dress, Supertrash jacket, Liu Jo bag

Saturday night I attended the Denvin SS 14 Fashion show. Denvin is a shop in the Netherlands, located in both Weert and Sittard, which sells men and women clothes. Among their amazing collections you can find brands such as Liu Jo, Michael Kors and Pinko.

Denvin is known for their huge supply and their variety of brands. The brands are from the mid-high price category and can't be found on every street corner.

The fashion show was organised in the old Philips factory which was nicely decorated for the event. At the entrance, there were different boots with sunglasses, chocolates, a photo booth,... The hall in which the actual show took place was quite big, obviously lots of people wanted to attend this show. Before and after the show the beats were pumping through the speakers, really making this a very cozy night out.

The models for the show were quite famous people; from  Inge de Bruijn to Tanja Kok and from Ferry Doedens to Guido Spek. As a women's fashion and beauty blogger the female clothes interested me the most, although I highly appreciated the male eye candy ;). My favourite items are the red Elisabetta Franchi dress and the brown/jeans bag from Michael Kors. The atmosphere during the show was very relaxed; male models couldn't stop grinning with all the shouts coming from the female attendants.

The highlight of the evening was without a doubt the revelation of Andy Wijnen's collection: AW Private Label. Andy Wijnen is the owner of Denvin, as if that's not work enough, he also designed his first collection as well. As you probably know, I adore gold so I will likely come home with an item from this very ladylike collection after visiting the Denvin store.

photo credit to Denvin

You can count on Denvin if you want an amazing party dress but they sell lots of basic pieces as well to complete your outfit with an unique piece.

So head to their website where you can order online or go to one of their shops to check out this amazing store.

My best friend and me in the photo booth.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect night! Glad to hear that you had so much fun!

    ✿ ✿

  2. Their designs are definitely unique babe!!! And seems like you had so so much fun!! <3

  3. Wow, wat leuk Karen! Ziet er super uit.

  4. Ziet er erg leuk uit, vooral die zachte kleurtjes met kant!

    Jules x

  5. gekke bekken! geweldig :)