zaterdag 15 oktober 2016

FASHION: Cheap winter dresses from webshop Eridress

While I'm writing this blogpost and wrapped into a bunch of blankets, the fireplace is working extra time. Later this evening my mother will hopefully spoil me with a cup of hot coco while we're both wearing our warmest pj's. You girls get it, king Winter is slowly taking over the landscape.

In the summer I often dress like a girly girl with all sorts of skirts and dresses. But in the winter I tend to stay stuck to jeans all the time which kind of starts to feel boring. Time to stock my closet with some winter dresses?

Googling cheap dresses for women lead me to Read my previous blogposts about Ericdress here and here.

One of the fabrics I love to wear are sweater fabric or cardigan fabric. This is super cosy and warm. Although these two fabrics may sound casual, they can both be worn really dressy as well. Check below my selection with my favourite cheap sweater dresses and cardigan dresses or check the full range on:

A camel dress is a real winter classic and is a must in every women's closet. The  white longer dress is for all you cool chicks out there. The lenght of this dress is super trendy. The burgundy dress is also a must have because this is simply such a great colour. Least but not least the preppy sweater outfits are very trendy as well.

During the summer I really embraced wearing maxi dresses. These kind of dresses make you feel elegant and feminine. So why not wear them in winter as well? Check my favourite cheap long dresses below or go the website:

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  1. Nice, lovely and very beautiful. Thanks!

  2. WoW so pretty!
    My fireplace is also back on track to its fulltime job :D


  3. Wat een leuke en verschillende jurken allemaal! Kende het nog niet :D

  4. I LOOOOVE maxi dresses maar ik ben zelf zo'n klein persoon dat het niet altijd even leuk staat. Ik moet het echt goed combineren voor een mooie look en dan nog zwem ik er vaak in :'(

    Naomi in Wonderland

  5. Oooh die witte met tijgers is zálig!!!
    X, Eline

  6. Hooo, die gebreide maxi jurk is wel cool! <3

  7. They're all so beautiful!

    Face to Curls |

  8. Zo'n 'trui-jurk' lijkt me wel comfy nu!

  9. The first row dresses and so lovely!

  10. Mooie jurkjes! Ik vind de eerste rij het mooist