woensdag 5 maart 2014

Blogger Class Event by This Chick's got style

Last Saturday I got to be part of a very special event. Some of you probably know Yara from the blog This chick's got style. I have been following her for a while and really like her blog because of its diversity and great writing style.

A couple of months ago Yara started doing blogger classes in which she shares her experiences and gives newbies like myself some handful tips. I have been dying to go to one of these events but up until now always had other appointments. So when I got the e-mail with the confirmation that my subscription for this class got accepted, I was over the moon.

Before the event I was a little bit nervous because I had to travel alone to a huge city like Amsterdam. It was my first time there, shame on me. Luckily I live very close to the Dutch borders so I had an easy train connection. My biggest concern was how to get from the train station to the location of the event. Luckily Yara had launched the hashtag #blogclassevent. By using this hashtag on Twitter I got in contact with Kevin. We met up on the train and traveled together to Amsterdam. Kevin, you're really a lifesaver!

The location for this event was WestergasTerras. This is an old industrial site that has been turned into a park with a very authentic character. The cafĂ© was very cozy with bricks and iron used in the interior. Yara and her team were super welcoming and nice. We immediately got a delicious smoothie offered to us. I expected to be the only Belgian among the attendants but I was wrong. Birgit, a blogging mother from Antwerp, was one of the amazing people I met at this event.

I'm not going to tell too much about the actual class, I can only advise you to attend one. Yara is a great and natural speaker and a real professional. She gave very good tips, things I would probably never think about myself. This class made me clear why she got where she is today. We could ask her anything and she was very open about everything. I'm really going to try to apply these tips on my blog the upcoming weeks and months.

After the class we stayed and chatted some more while drinking delicious martinis and healthy bites. Yara took the time to talk to everybody personally and of course to take pictures. This is a day I won't likely forget very soon. I had an amazing time and fell in love with Amsterdam although I didn't get to see the city center. A trip to Amsterdam is on my to do list for this year.

PS: Thank you Yara and team for the cute goodie bag!

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  1. Great post, love the pictures!

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  2. Leuk en mooie foto's Karen! Ik ben ook nog nooit in Amsterdam geweest dus niet om u over te schamen :p

  3. Super leuk om je te ontmoeten!!! :) XO

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  5. Thankyou :) I liked it and followed you on bloglovin' x

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  7. leuk je te ontmoeten en dank u voor de link! :) xoxo B

  8. Lijkt me een super leerrijk event! Hopelijk loont het voor je blog ;) ! Amsterdam is echt een super mooie stad, ik ben er al 2x geweest maar heb eigenlijk ook nog niet de stad helemaal kunnen ontdekken maar dat wil ik zeker wel eens doen ;) !