donderdag 6 maart 2014

Dior Fashion show Winter 2015

I'm going to pick up where I left off. Unfortunately I'm slacking a bit behind due to carnival. This is an event during which you have to dress up. Some of my costumes the past couple of days where farmer, Batman and soldier. 

So back to Paris Fashion Week. One of the shows my jaws dropped open by was the Dior show. Raf Simons surprises us collection after collection with his talent. While with previous collections Simons showed he knows the Dior heritage and respects it, he put his mark on the brand with this collection.

Simons used lots of color blocking. Yes, you can do color blocking in the winter as well! The coats are real statement pieces and will turn into great vintage stuff one day! Raf Simons used a lot of tailoring in the designs. My favourite look is the green and purple dress. What did you think about this show?

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  1. Wow!! They look so chic as usual!!! Love Dior!! <3

  2. lovley collection!

  3. Dior can have the most amazing collections and other times, I don't see anything I like. This one is definitely one with many beautiful pieces!! And love the fact that it contains bright colors!

    x Aurélie

  4. Amazing collection! Xx

  5. Looks feminine and wearable for everyday! Looks great.

    ♥ ♥

  6. Thank you for commenting on my blog! Oh Dior, so beautiful! xx

  7. nice post
    thanks for sharing this inspiration

  8. What an amazing collection!

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  9. great collection!