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REVIEW: Dior Hydra Life Creme Protection SPF15

Since my latest review from the Maybelline Baby lips had so many views, I'm going to try to review one beauty product each week. All the products will be products I use myself so I can give you a real and honest review. Keep in mind that I have an oily skin, so the effect on your skin might be totally different.

Today I'm reviewing the Dior Hydra Life Crème Protection SPF15. This is my day cream and I have been using it for 4 or 5 years now. This  fact alone points out that I'm really pleased about this product. It's a rich-textured, intensely hydrating moisturizer which protects the skin against external aggressors. 
Since the weather in Belgium is not that sunny most of the time, this day cream is usually the only sun protection I put on. I have a skin that tans quite rapidly and doesn't get sun burned often, so for me this cream is sufficient. 

The product promises to do this:

"This efficient skincare essential offers a true defence barrier against environmental stress, thanks to UVA and UVB filters. To the sight, skin looks spectacularly smoothed and luminous. To the touch, skin texture is reinforced and the face regains its plumpness. As for the experience, enjoy unprecedented comfort."

Firstly about the looks. The skin indeed looks more luminous. The cream gives a nice feeling to your skin. It's for me the perfect match between being not too creamy and being not too dry either. After applying this crème, I can immediately start with putting on my makeup. This is very handy because I only get up 30 minutes before I leave to work so there's not much time to waste. The crème doesn't have any scent at all which I really like for my beauty products.

The cream doesn't include the following products: 

- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

Other information about this product which is interesting to know:

"Dior Innovation Center selects plant resources with amazing benefits. At the heart of the Dior Garden (a protected site that respects mankind and nature) blossoms the secret of breakthrough antiaging hydration: Hydra Life. This trio of pure plant extracts—Jisten, Centella, and Black Rose—offers the powerful benefits of Cellular Bio-Exaltation."

Although I'm not some kind of nature activist, I'm pleased to know that this product is created with consideration for  mother nature.

So what can I say about the packaging? Honestly this is not so important to me. It's nice to have a pretty perfume bottle for example but for skincare products it's subordinate to the quality of the product. The packaging is greenish/blue as the whole Dior Hydralife line. The product comes with a small spatula. This is very important to me because it avoids bacteria in your crème.

In addition to this product, you can use the Hydralife Pro-youth Sorbet Eye Creme as well. I once got a sample at Ici Paris XL and I must admit I was really please about this product as well. Too bad the Dior products are quite expensive. The Hydra Life Creme Protection comes at € 48,00 and the  Hydralife Pro-youth Sorbet Eye Creme comes at € 38,75. 

Which day cream do you use? What are important factors for you to buy a certain product?

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