donderdag 31 oktober 2013

DIY - Halloween Nails

I always used to have fake nails but changed to nailpolish a couple of months ago. I was bored of going to my appointment everytime when a nail broke off. Nevertheless I still kept being interesed in nailart. During my citytrip to Milan, I stumbled upon some nice "Do-it-yourself" nailart boxes. For my birthday/halloween party I tried out this one.

PS: I'm sorry for the bad quality photos but I hope to improve this very quickly. 

Here you see the box by Pupa. On the back there are simple instructions with images.

The box includes two colours. The gold one is the base coat and the burgundy is the topcoat which causes the cracks. 

First you put on the gold topcoat and give it a couple of minutes to dry.

Then you put on the topcoat, in this case the burgundy and wait a couple of seconds to see the effect. 

I really like the effect, it worked out better than expected. The best thing about this nailpolish is that it includes gold, which is my favourite coulour! What do you think?

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