zaterdag 2 november 2013

My week on Instagram

Last week was a very busy week for me. Thursday I was invited to the opening of the new Armani Store in Antwerp thanks to Nathalie from the blog Curls and Bags. A lot of bloggers attended this party and inspired me to start my own Fashion blog. The picture left down was my outfit I wore to this event: H&m dress and Christian Louboutin heels.
On the right you see some of my favourite bags I took on the city trip to Milan: my mothers' Michael Kors bag and my personalized monagram Speedy bag. 

This picture is a recap from the Armani event. You see me with Nathalie and some of the bags which are available in this store. Everyone also got a little gift: a bag from Armani Jeans and someone printed your name on the bag.

After the Armani event I immediately went to Milan. Here I bought a new Speedy bag, this time to damier model. My best friend bought a clutch at Gucci. As you can see, we experienced our own "Gossip Girl" moment at LadurĂ©e. 

Wednesday, 30th October, was my actual birthday and this was celebrated with pie.

The next day my best friend treated me with the best gifts ever. Some pretty cards, a wallet and some gift cards. I'm convincing my mom to go to Antwerp very soon because I already have my eye on a new Louis Vuitton item: a golden scarf.

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  1. heel leuke post! Zo te zien heb je het goed gehad in Milaan!

    1. Bedankt! Ja echt een shoppingsparadijs! Ik heb er echt mijn ogen uitgekeken!