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Fashion Shows Fall Winter 2013

Thanks to the fashion weeks last September we all know what to wear next Spring. But unfortunately we first need to survive the Winter. Honestly I'm not a Winter person at all. I hate cold, snow,...  But if we have to go through Winter we can just as well do it in a fashionable way. In today's post I'll show you some of my favourite brands and outfits for this season.

Balmain has been one of my favourite brands for years. The looks are really powerfull yet feminine. Balmain shows that winter doesn't necessarily mean black. The draped skirts are so pretty but unfortunately don't flatter my figure.

The pastel trend continues to shine through winter season like the power pink wrap coat in the first picture. Another trend on the Blumarine runway was leather and see through fabrics.

If you think Burberry, you think trench coats. If you think Burberry Prorsum, the first line, you think exquisite trench coats. This collection is called Trench kisses and we can tell easily why. The looks are romantic and playfull at the same time. The last few collections from Burberry were very colourful and extreme, with this collection Christopher Bailey took it back to the roots.

Carolina Herrera stands for classic and chique and she didn't disappoint. I would kill to have that fur jacket.
The collection is very 1940's with models having chignon rolls and red lips. If you want to leave something to your guy's imagination, Carolina Herrera is the way to go.

This Chanel collection was definitely not my favourite so far but even on a "bad" day Kaiser Karl knows how to design a collection others can only dream about. The master of fashion chose for blue and black for this Winter. It's a bit darker than Royal blue. Still this show will always be remembered as the show in which the stage was occupied with a huge globe and the models walking down the catwalk on the beats of "Around the world" from Daft punk, not a bad music choice for a 80-year-old.

If you're a ChloĆ© girl, you wear simple yet sophisticated clothes. And oh boy I crave to be a ChloĆ© girl this winter. Just like Blair Waldorf, I adore capes. Unfortunately I haven't found the right and affordable model yet. 

As Belgian fashion lovers, we should all be extremely proud of Raf Simons. Since this Belgian became head  designer of Dior, celebrities fight to wear his designs on the red carpet. And who am I to disagree with Jennifer Lawrence and Nathalie Portman?

Every season during Milan Fashion week I fall in love again, in love with the most exquisite clothes in the world. The brand: Dolce and Gabbana! Though "always wear your invisible crown" may be a good attitude to live your life by, I would exchange it any day for the real crowns of Dolce and Gabbana. This brand represents everything I love about fashion: gold, huge jewelry, historical references, drama,... During my city trip to Milan I almost literally drooled over the jewelry closet at D&G's shop. Dear Santa, could you please bring me the crown with matching earrings?

Who says winter has to be boring? Donna Karan definitely doesn't agree. Pink is back as a must have colour and how. On the verge of the brand's 25th birthday, the designer obviously went back in time and renewed some old designs. I could easily see myself go to work in the orange or pink dresses.

Jungle prints are usely more used during Spring/summer collections but Diane von Furstenberg knows life is a jungle every day. DvF says she returned to the "girl she used to be".

I must admit that at first I was disappointed with the Emilio Pucci collection. Normally you expect party dresses with lots of bling bling from Pucci. But at the second glance I started to like this collection with numerous must haves; the tie high boots, leather shorts, fur jackets, see through blouses, hats, pastels,...

Greek goddess meets Winter is the best description for Giambattista Valli's collection. Think draped skirts, capes, chique jackets and detailed dresses in pastel colors.

Every woman has a dark, mysterious and naughty side to herself, you can embrace this side or ignore it. After seeing Gucci's collection you will definitely embrace this side. The famous bamboo bags were combined with long leather gloves and dresses. Designer Frida Giannaini knows how to make women feel sexy yet not trashy.

Jason Wu's dresses come pretty close to my dream dress for New Year's Eve. The chosen one, not many people can call themselves the prodigy of Anna Wintour, shows his potential again with a very varied collection. Party dresses, classic jackets, power suits,.. Jason Wu can do it all.

Come back to my blog tomorrow to check out part 2! Which are your favourite looks so far?

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