donderdag 21 november 2013

Beauty night Ici Paris XL

As promised a report about the beauty night from Ici Paris XL Nederland. Linde, my friend, and I got welcomed very warmly by the people of Ici Paris. With cool drinks in hand we started exploring the different corners of the store. In each part of the shop you could try out a beauty ritual for free.

First a very friendly girl did my hair. She made some loose curls, I really like the look she created. Sometimes I try to curl my hair myself but they're always so stiff. This look would be perfect for a night-out.

The second corner was a skin analyzer from Ioma. It's really great what this machine can do. Somebody from Ici Paris first scans little pieces from skin, like the dirty zone on your noise, the dimples on your forehead,... Afterwards the skin analyzer shows which products you need to start using to optimize your skin.

The analyses showed I need to clean my skin ever better than I already do. Therefore I bought the Iomo tonic on the right. I also got advised to use more oil-free products because I have a very greasy skin. I got some samples for Ioma and Philosophy to try out. I'm already familiar with the latter but not with Ioma. I'll let you know how the samples are!
The thing that bothers me most about my skin, are my huge pores. I seem can't to find a foundation that covers my skin completely. A friend advised to try out the compact foundation from Estée Lauder, I tried it on at Ici Paris and was very pleased about the result.

Last but not least you could get a free set of gel nails. For years I have been a huge fan of fake nails and only recently switched back to ordinary nail polish. I'm glad to have my beloved fake nails back. For at least one week you don't have to bother about your nails, it's so easy. I'm still doubting to go back to fake nails permanently. What to do?

I'm wearing
dress: Paco Rabanne
blazer: H&M
bag: Louis Vuitton

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  1. You look gorgeous from head to toe! ;)

    Feel free to visit my blog as well if you wish! Some of the topics you
    will find there are Personal Growth, Self-Image, Health and Motivation between others. <3

    New Post/Outfit Idea: Breaking Rules

    1. Thank you! I will definately check your blog later tonight! xxx Karen

  2. Was een toffe avond!!! :)