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Fashion Shows Fall Winter 2013 (part 2)

Black, gold and red! Some greats colors where used at Kenzo. I wish I could find a dress like these for New Year's Eve. PS: check the last picture. I love the jewelry!

Nobody can satisfy a woman's needs like Alber Elbaz. This collection makes you forget about terms like minimal and maximal because this collection has it all. I can't tell what to love first: the dresses, the furs, the colours or the jewelry. Lanvin may not be the most famous name in the fashion world, but personally I consider Alber Elbaz as one of the greatest designers in the world.

If you ever want to know what it's like to wear a red carpet look, choose Marchesa. Princess dresses in classic colours with lot of details.

I'm still looking for a fur stola, maybe Santa can bring me one from Marc Jabobs. I like the combination of the chic look and at the other hand the naughty details such as these hot pants.

Like I said before, I like clothes which can take you right back into time. With Nina Ricci's collection you could perfectly audition for a role in Mad Men.

Another collection which has everything I love in it. Classic details, gemstone colours, long gloves and even an Indian cape. This collection of Oscar de la Renta is very special, definitely because it's the first one on which John Galliano worked with de la Renta.

Parisian chic in New York with Ralph Lauren. This collection makes me think of the Russian revolution: chain details, sailor caps, chandelier earrings and faded tones.

No surprising collection from Robert Collection but as they say: never change a winning team. In all the elements from his collection are just that. Black, gold and red as colours. Mix this with flower prints, fur and lots of shiny details and you get a standard Cavalli collection. Among others, Flemish masters Rubens served as inspiration for this collection and  who are we to not like the Flemish masters?

As much as I try to live my life by the quote "Life is one big party", sometimes you have to clock some working hours as well. But you might as well do it in some fancy clothes by Roland Mouret. Classic lines, simple colour pallets,... that's what this collection is about.

Saint Laurent, for all those punk girls out there! I honestly think Yves Saint Laurent would turn around in his grave if he read this. The brand YSL stood for sexy but sophisticated, chic but still classic. With Hedi Slimani at the steering wheel, the brand completely changed. Even its iconic name and symbol. I must admit I like this collection but not under the name Saint Laurent. Too bad a classic brand is going to waste.

There's not one thing Tom Ford can't do: retake Gucci to it's former glory, design one of the most anticipated lines of all time, create a own beauty line and make a movie in the mean time. This "single man" is almost too good to be true. Think glam rock meets pop art for these looks. This collection landmarked the first public runway show of Tom Ford's brand and definitely not a bad way to dazzle the public eye.

Tory Burch is so much more than a brand with some bags and shoes with a label on it. The designer payed lots of visits to the Neue Galerie to create this Art Nouveau collection. The accessories were brilliant: magnifying-glass pendant necklaces, dragonfly earrings, and elegant velvet monk-strap pumps. With the clothes Burch tried to please a woman like herself, a woman who hasn't got the time to chance clothes all day long. I wouldn't mind wearing these clothes all day long!

Another one of my favourite brands is Valentino. Always stylish never ordinary. Valentino is another brand whose latest collection has been inspired by the Flemish masters. You would think something so old fashioned can't be seductive but don't be mistaken! 

Once upon a time Vera Wang was destined to become head of Vogue America. Luckily Anna Wintour grapped this chance from her and Wang started concentrating on fashion. Most people know Vere Wang from the bridal dresses but she designs some great party dresses as well.

How boring would the fashion world be without Versace. If you get sick and tired of all the Winter colours, you can always wear a Versace outfit. Donatella Versace calls this collection Vunk instead of Punk. This collection follows the 3e e's of fashion: extravagance, exhibitionism and elevation.

Zac Posen created a mysterious collection with some unbelievebly pretty colours. Posen chose linear silhouttes  for this season and I'm totally in love with these looks. 

What are your favourite looks from this article?

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