vrijdag 8 november 2013

Supertrash Shoppingnight

Last night a shopping night was organised in all Supertrash stores from Holland. I'm a very loyal client in the shop in Maastricht. This brand makes some amazing yet affordable designs. The clothes fit great and are from a good quality. Olcay Gulsen is the designer from this brand, in only a few years she has built an entire fashion empire.

I think every woman can find something they like at Supertrash. From working outfits, to comfortable blouses, and from party outfits to the latest trends. Every time I enter a Supertrash store I feel like a little kid in a candy store. The brand also offers some great shoes and accesories.

Here are some of the clothes and accesories I own from Supertrash:

The beige dress I wore at New year's day though you could also wear at as a fancy office look. The rain boots are one of my best buys ever, I wear them all the time, rain or no rain. The bracelet I got for Christmas from my parents, since I'm totally into ancient Greek style.

I bought the belt yesterday. I love accesories with animals, the snake remains my favourite animal. The gold jacket is from my mother. The last black dress I got as a gift from one of my favourite shops: Charis Fashion. The gold trench coat is really an It-item in my closet, it's from the summer collection but I only started wearing it during the fall.

Here are some items that are still on my wishlist:

I've been searching for a black fedora forever, this one comes pretty close to being perfect. I have the scarf in soft pink, I really like this color as well but I have my eye already on a Louis Vuitton scarf I saw in Milan. This white blouse with gold textures I'm definitely going to buy!

I guess I don't need to explain why these dresses are on my wishlist, I mean which girl wouldn't want to own them? Searching for a new tailored black blazer, I stumbled upon this one. The last outfit I really NEED to have!

Last but not least, some more "wearable" items. I've fitted the black leather pants and I'm still going to buy them when my mother gives me her "go". Finding quality shoes which are fashionable as well, is really hard for me. I've got shoe size 42 and can't find some decent biker boots.

Which items do you like or own?

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    1. Dat klopt inderdaad, Krizia!

      Het is echt onmogelijk om daar buiten te gaan zonder iets