woensdag 6 november 2013

Fashionata Sofie Valkiers' Ki6? Who are you? cocktail party!

Last week I got one of the best surprises ever: an invitation to an event from miss Fashionata aka Sofie Valkiers herself. For the people who don't know her yet if that is even possible: she's one of the best fashion bloggers in Belgium, designed a line for Essentiel and had her own show at Vijftv. The party was organised by Fashion Club 70, this is a fashion agency that distributes a lot of amazing brands such as Moschino, Roberto Cavalli and Valentino! The hosts of the night were Sofie Valkiers and Manuela Lugli, the designer of the brand KI6 who are you? I must admit that I hadn't heard of the brand yet but I was amazed by their pretty clothes. The models wore pieces from the Spring collection and I immediately fell in love with the summer colors and sophisticated designs of the clothes. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the models but you can check their online store so you get an idea: http://store.ki6collection.eu/ The designs remind me a lot of BCBG Maxazria.

The invitation didn't lie: "We'd love to find out who you are". Sofie Valkiers is one of the nicest people I've ever had. She took lots of time to talk to everybody personally, showed lots of interest in what you had to say,.. Sofie even introduced her Brazilian boyfriend to me. She wore the prettiest dress with a statement necklace. I would like to thank Sofie Valkiers, KI6? Who are you? and Fashion Club 70 for the invitation. Here you see some pictures of the event:

Here's the outfit I wore to the event:

dress: Very simple
blazer: H&M
bag: Chanel
shoes: Christian Louboutin
watch: D&G
bracelets: Silis

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  1. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    1. Dankjewel Jos! Je moet altijd iets proberen om op te vallen hé!

  2. Mooi echtwaar dat geel staat je , en dan het zwart erop een mooie combinatie?

  3. Super coole evenement!! Echt een leuk jurkje :D

  4. Zag er super leuk uit! En je outfit is ook geweldig! Dat geel is prachtig bij jou!
    Jammer dat ik er niet kon geraken :(

    Marlies (www.goldenmirrorsandpinkbows.be)

    1. Bedankt voor het compliment Marlies! Was inderdaad jammer dat je er niet was, hopelijk zie ik je snel nog eens bij een volgend evenement!