dinsdag 19 november 2013

My Beauty Ritual

Tomorrow I have a really nice event coming up: a beauty night at Ici Paris XL Maastricht. Whenever I enter a beauty shop I feel like a little kid in a candy store. I don't have my addiction for make-up from strangers. My mother and I can almost start our very own beauty Store.

I read a lot of reviews in magazines and online of new make-up. I rarely ever buy make-up without reading a good review about it and try it out first. Today I will give you a view into my make-up closet and tell you why I like these products.

My usual day cream is "Hydra Life Crème Sorbet Pro-Jeunesse" from Dior. I've been using it for years because of its nice texture. On my chine and noise I put "Estée Lauder Idealist" to minimalise my pores.

The next step is giving my skin a bit of 'color'. I usually mix Guerlains' "Lingerie de peau" and the classic Guerlain 4 seasons Terracotta. Both are very easy to apply and cover my skin evenly. When I go out, I use "L'or" from Guerlain, although I must admit I don't really see that much difference. Still it gives you a good feeling, knowing you have gold on your face. Sometimes I use the primer from Sephora to control my greasy skin. Recently I changed my blush and started using Kikos' blush. This brand is incredibly cheap and quite qualitative as well.

The Chanel waterproof eye pencil is the best ever. It really is waterproof and doesn't hurt my eyes. Since I'm quite clumsy I can't use a real köhl pencil. Otherwise I prefer Dior for eye make-up. I'm totally in love with Christmas make-up products and bought this Dior eye shadow pallet last year. The gold has these particles in it, I adore it. It's almost empty and I really hope that Dior will launch a similar eye shadow this year.

For lipsticks I mostly use Chanel and Dior. Both brands are easy to apply and don't fade quickly.

Which are your favourite make up brands?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik ben super fan van de night serum van Estée Lauder! Deze is echt geweldig! "Estée Lauder Idealist ga ik vast en zeker ook eens proberen! xxx Nele

    1. Nele: Ik heb in deze post niet m'n nachtproducten gezet maar ik gebruik ook de Night Serum van Estée Lauder! Deze vind ik ook echt super van structuur en ik voel echt het verschil als ik hem enkele dagen niet heb opgehad. xxx Karen

  2. Er zitten heel veel mooie producten tussen, sommige moet ik nog ontdekken en anderen ben ik al dol op!

  3. Dior is def one of my favorites!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! Let's keep in touch! <3

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