zaterdag 2 november 2013

Halloween / birthday outfit

Last Thursday, at Halloween, I celebrated my 24th birthday. First I had a little drink at home with my closest friends and afterwards we went to a Halloween party. Obviously I chose for a black outfit with some "gothic" jewelry to add a scary touch. I also changed my makeup ritual for this night, I used some of my new purchases from Milan. In Italy, the makeup brand Kiko is very famous and has a store in every city. They offer makeup in all the colors you can think off for a very low price.

I really love the D&G shoes I'm wearing in these pictures. Too bad they are one size too small. I didn't feel this problem when I tried them on in the shop and immediately was "head over heels" for this pair of shoes. I don't wear them that much because it's extremely painful to wear them for more than one hour.

Dolce and Gabbana is certainly one of my favourite brands. If my budget would allow it, I would buy all of their runway clothes. During my city trip to Milan I could finally adore their insane jewelry in real life. But I gladly settled for this look-a-like pair of earrings.
PS: for more exclusive D&G items, keep your eye on my blog because I'm expecting a very important package.

I'm wearing:
dress: H&M
shoes: D&G
bracelet: Supertrash
watch: Michael Kors
clutch: Michael Kors
makeup: Kiko
nailart: Pupa

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  1. Toffe blog Karen! Ik volg het op de voet ;)

    xx Elke

    1. Bedankt Elke! Fijn dat ik op de steun van mijn vrienden kan rekenen!

      xxx Karen