woensdag 26 maart 2014

STYLE INSPIRATION: Happy birthday Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw

Yesterday one of the biggest style influencers celebrated her 49th birthday. Off course I'm talking about Sarah Jessica Parker. The mother of 3 has a busy year behind her; from performing in a broadway musical to designing her own shoe line for Nordstrom.

All of this is small stuff compared to her groundbreaking role in Sex and the City. SJC plays the character of Carrie Bradshow, a shoe addict and writer living in New York. Her life is all about her three best friends, fashion and men.

Carried Bradshaw wore some iconic outfits over the years but here are some of my favourites.

John Galliano newspaper dress

Wearing Sonia Rykiel in Paris, it doesn't get any better than this.

If you want to dress up and go to McDonalds, you should totally do so.

A mix and match of high and low. Sometimes you wonder how certain combinations work, but this one works.

The Eiffel Tower bag by Timmy Woods is probably the most famous bags being used during the series.

This outfit could easily be spotted on every streetstyle website.If you want to be stylish, combine a maxi skirt with a statement shirt.

You can never go wrong with Dolce & Gabbana

One of the looks during Sex and the City the movie. You can clearly tell that Carrie has changed.

Carrie Bradshaw in one of her many Halston Heritage.

Sarah Jessica Parker, this would be the perfect dress to celebrate your birthday in!

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  1. Great post! Love sex and the city!


  2. Ik heb heel weinig met de outfits die ze droeg in de serie. Alhoewel ik die laatste jurk geweldig vind.. zijn 8/10 keer haar outfits meer bizar dan mooi.. maarja, dat is mijn mening maar.

  3. O gosh I love Carrie!! Haar stijl is geweldig en ik mis de serie nog steeds!

  4. yeah,Happy Birthday to Sarah ,i do adore her,she is an icon

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    1. Sure! Follow me on www.facebook.com/dressinginlabels and I'll follow you in return!

  5. Love SJP she´s amazing!!! :)

    Come and visit my blog if you want!

  6. Tu m'as donné envie de revoir la série! :) J'adore!!

  7. love her style! so want the ladies back!!!! xb

  8. De outfits in de serie vond ik niet zo wauw, met uitzondering van de schoenen dan, haha! Maar die outfits in de twee SATC movies, ik wil élk stuk in mijn kast hebben hangen.