dinsdag 25 maart 2014

REVIEW: Celluli Laser Size Code from Biotherm

As promised I will be reviewing a skincare or beauty product each week. This week it's time for one my favourite products; the Celluli Laser Size Code from Biotherm. This product targets to improve the fat-prone areas from your body.

What it promises to do:

"Designed to specifically target the loss of firmness associated with the mid-section. Skin is left looking smoother and feeling firmer. "


Caffeine, pomegranate seed oil, lotus extract, green coffee extract, a Yerba Mate extract. Gingko Biloba


"Spread the product over your stomach, waist and hips, making clockwise circles following the direction of transit."

My own experience:

My problem areas are my stomach and thighs. I try to use this product all year round but especially right before the summer season kicks in. The gel is orange like and feels a bit cold when you apply it to your skin. I don't notice a specific or annoying scent. The gel dries up quite quickly but a sticky feeling remains. Therefore I advise you to use this gel right before you get to bed and when you've got your pajamas on.

The manuall advises you to apply it twice a day. I only do it once because often I don't have more time plus this product is quite expensive (€ 32,00/150ml). If you really want to invest time, the manual includes some massages which you can use to apply the Celluli Laser Size Code.

The package is bright blue/green with a silver husk. This gives it a very modern look. Somehow this improves the credibility from the product.

Now the mother of all questions: Does this product help? Yes after about a week I started to notice a slimming effect on my stomach. My mother uses this product as well and she agrees about the effect. My stomach looks tighter and less "bubbly". I'm really a fan of this product and will keep on using it.

Have you tried out this gel yet? Or do you use any other product that has a slimming effect?

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  1. biotherm is the top!


  2. How interesting! I have always wanted to try one of these products, but was afraid it wouldn't work. I will try this one out!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo