maandag 4 augustus 2014

Instalab #20

Time for another view into my private life.

NL: Het is tijd om weer eens een kijkje te nemen in mijn leven.

A night out with friends at Ipanema resulted in us eating a Pizza.

Grabbing a healthy lunch with my mom during a shopping spree. This was at Quiche Café Hasselt.

Chilling in the sun with a fashion magazine. One of my favorite pass times.

My family and I celebrated my parent's 25th mariage anniversy by going out for dinner.

Friendship never goes out of style. I'm still in contact with my highschool friends and we meet up every now and then. This time we met up over barbeque.

The dog from a friend of mine. I really want a dog as well.

Lunch at work, made by the sweetest mother in the world.

A round of cocktails to start the weekend at the Triple J Bar in Bilzen, one of my favorite hotspots this summer.

Barbeque at home, I love it.

My outfit for Le Jardin 2014, a local dance festival.

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  5. mmmm That food looks good!

  6. Al dat lekker eten! En wat een schatje! ^^

    x Aurélie

  7. The food looks delicious! Such cool photos!

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  9. Hummm miam miam Pizza, Pasta, Bagels and A DOG!! Hope you don't wanna eat him too ^^

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