donderdag 8 januari 2015

Instalab #30

It's been a while since my last Instalab to my busy Christmas holidays so I have many pics and great moments to share. Follow me @karenliesens or click here

1) There's a new Tapas bar in town ;Barabas, and it's simply delicious. 
2) No words needed I suppose. 
3) Marilyn Monroe is real icon and example to me. 
4) Any day is a good day to wear lipstick. 

1) Some Chanel make-up inspo.
2) My grandmother makes the best pancakes and I thought it would be funy to play around a bit.
3) When I first saw the ad for the Chips Burger from Quick I got totally obsessed and I indulged on it in Brussels.
4) Selfie before going out. 

1) My collegue made this super delicious Christmas cake.
2) The best Gin Tonic I ever had, again at Barabas.
3) Citytripping means Starbucks.
4) A friend and I during my birthday party a couple of months ago.

1) The girls from my carnaval association and I.
2) I got an H&M giftcard from Christmas, yeah! It's obviously needless to say that've already spent it. 
3) Italian food is my favourite, this pasta is from the restaurant Poco Piu in my hometown.
4) There's nothing wrong with being different. 

1) My dad and I at Christmas Eve. 
2) This quote was very popular amongst my readers for obvious reasons.
3) Cocktail time with my girl.
4) #fromwhereistand, showcasing my new necklace. 

1) We got my dad a breakfast basket as birthday gift. 
2) Q-time.
3) I adore this eye shadow palette by Emma Gelaude and Mac. 
4) My mum arranged  this cute dessert. 

1) Cheering to the new year. 
2) Lunch with my mom.
3) After all the Christmas food I was in need of something simple. 
4) Visiting Christmas markerts is one of my favourite passtimes, or at least the booths that offer food. 

1) I really want to travel more because I realise there are so many amazing places I haven't visited yet. 
2) Gooische vrouwen part 2, it's the Dutch Sex and the city. I had such a laugh. 
3) Throwback to my summer holiday in Tuscany. I miss the tan.
4) New Year's Eve. 

1) Partying at Club Versuz with my best friend. 
2) The start of my healthy 2015. 
3) A waffle while shopping.
4) NYE with my best friend. 

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  1. the quote about MM is absolutely my favorite. I love all of teh shots and good moments during holydays.

  2. Looks like it was a fun holiday season!! Marilyn is one of my favorites too- such a fashion inspiration and I love her films! That YSL lipstick is such a pretty shade.

  3. Superb collection of pictures.

  4. Wat een toffe foto's! Gooische vrouwen was echt geweldig haha, ik heb hem 2 weken geleden gezien! En meer reizen is natuurlijk altijd een goed idee!

  5. Wow, love these instagram posts! Love the quotes!!!

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know or leave a comment on my blog for a follow back :)

    Have a nice day, Karen! :)


  6. Leuke foto's zeg, mooie quotes staan er ook tussen!

  7. Nice pics! Love your NYE photo! :)

  8. beautiful pics
    follow me on my blog:

  9. Loved these pictures. xx