zaterdag 20 februari 2016

FASHION: Cocomelody wedding dresses - Show your back

Here I am again with another blogpost about Cocomelody. I'm quickly going to freshen up your memory. Cocomelody is an online webshop with the most gorgeous wedding dresses and on top of that very affordable. Mom, if you are reading this blogpost: you can relax. I'm not walking down to alter any time soon!

With spring around the corner a lot of girls are of course planning their dream wedding. But let's be real: nobody wants to spend a truckload of money on a dress that you are going to wear just once. 

One of the general fashion trends I spot for this spring is showing some skin, preferably your back. This is so much classier as having a huge cleavage and on top of that it's at least as sexy and seducing. Therefore I selected to pick some gorgeous dresses to inspire my readers that are going to get married this year.

One way to show some back skin is by opting for one of the gorgeous low back wedding dresses, such as the example above. This option is timeless and makes you look a real-life princess in my opinion. It also comes across as frisky and is perfect for young brides. 

Another option is the backless gown. Which option do you prefer?

Not convinced yet? Cocomelody offers a $ 25 reduction. Enter promo code W25 while checking out and of course keep me posted if you decide to buy your gown on this webshop. 

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