zaterdag 21 mei 2016

BEAUTY: Wigs by Wigsbuy

Wigsbuy Hair Extensions & Popular Medium Hairstyle Wigs for Sale

Years ago I dyed my hair platina blond and I really loved this hairstyle. Unfortunately my hair quickly started to suffer from all this dying and I had to go back to a darker hair colour. That's the first time when using a wig crossed my mind. How fun would it be to change hair styles and/or colours in a few minutes!?

I put the idea aside again until I recently tried some extensions and fell in love with my voluminous hair. That's when I started surfing the net for some qualitative extensions and wigs and this is how I discovered the webshop Wigsbuy

The first thing I checked were the Wigsbuy Hair Extensions, which you can see here: Wigsbuy offers a lot of Cheap Hair Extensions which is a plus point in comparison to the hair extensions at a hair dresser. My favourite look is the one below:

How cute are these wavy clip-in extensions? Wigsbuy is definitely known for their Quality Hair Extensions. Real human hair is used which can easily by straightened, curled or cut. I feel like that's super important because you might want to use the extensions on different occasions.

For my wig I would opt for a Medium Length Hairstyle. I'd love to cut my hair some shorter but I'm afraid I will get bored with the short hair quite soon so a wig would be the perfect solution. You can check all the medium length wigs here:

In this section I especially like the Wavy Medium Hairstyles. Below you can see some of my favourites.

Q: How do you feel about wearing wigs? Will you ever buy something at Wigsbuy?

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I have never tried extensions or wigs, surely they must be fun!


  2. So lovely!


  3. It looks really beautiful. If someone is insecure about their hair i think they really should try it.

  4. Oh wat een leuke stijlen allemaal! Persoonlijk heb ik denk ik te lang / veel haar om allemaal onder een pruik te krijgen, maar het lijkt me wel echt leuk een te dragen!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  5. I am thinking about buying myself a grey wig because having grey hair demands a lot off care and I just am too lazy XD


    1. A wig would be so much healthier for your hair as well!

      x Karen

  6. This is absolutely wonderful!

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  7. Oeeh wat leuk! Lijkt me zeker een geweldig om te dragen!

  8. Thanks for sharing, girlie! Wigs and extensions are a great way to change up your look, without having to sacrifice your hair's health! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  9. Jou favoriet is ook echt mijn favoriet :) Pruiken durf ik ook wel eens gebruiken maar extensions heb ik nog nooit gepobeert :)