maandag 2 mei 2016

FASHION: Cocomelody - fashion forward wedding dresses

Wedding season is full and well under way. The most anticipated item of a wedding party is often the bride's dress and with good reason of course. There's a lot of stress on the bride nowadays choosing the right dress because of the countless options. In the old days it wasn't questioned which colour (white), lenght (long),... the dress should be. But in 2016 basically everything is possible: brides don't always choose for white anymore, some opt for a suit and some don't even pick a real wedding outfit at all.

Personally I feel like wearing white is obligatory because it's symbolic for the new start you are making in your life. If I imagine my dream wedding, I picture two dresses. One dress would be for the ceremony and would probably be from some kind of well-known designer. The dress would be very princess like and with some diamonds on the bustier.

For the evening party I would pick another dress: a short one. I love dancing and feeling comfortable and that would not be possible in a long and big gown. As a regular reader you know that Cocomelody is my favourite shop for wedding dresses.

Cocomelody has a great selection of designer wedding dresses. The dress above is one of my favourites. I love the big skirt and the embellishments on the bustier are just perfect. Do you like it as well?

For the evening party I would opt for short dress, yet it should still be white and girly. Definitely check Cocomelody's short wedding dresses selection. Isn't it just perfect?

As something extra I have the honour of sharing with you the current sales campaign of Cocomelody. If you shop for more than $300, you can use the code W4 and you'll have free shipping. 

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    1. ja Rani, ik vind het perfect voor koppels die wat krap bij kas zitten en gewoon geen zin hebben om een fortuin uit te geven!

  2. Zo'n mooie jurken! Ik begin al wat te dromen, hihi :)

    Sarah x

  3. I love your choice! I will also be wearing white for my wedding but might have a touch of blue at the back. :)


  4. So beautiful one ;)

    Mónica Sors