dinsdag 3 juni 2014

Instalab #17

Today I'm going to provide you with some updates on my private life. You might have noticed that I'm terribly quiet the last couple of days on my social media. There's a reason: unfortunately my phone died this week. May you rest in peace. The upside is that I finally have a good excuse to buy an IPhone. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my new baby. I have been without mobile phone for 2 days now. On one side it's very annoying but on the other hand it's also liberating to be not reachable for a while.

I have also been stuck at home for a week with the flu. At first I was over the moon to have an extra week off from work and thought I could use this extra spare time to work on the blog. But I underestimated the flu big time. I was so tired that I exactly worked less on the blog.

Last but not least I'm really counting down to my holiday in Tuscany in a month's time. It's so close that I can't believe that I'm going. And I might be going on a second holiday in August although the plans aren't really definitive yet. My and 3 friends want to go on a sunny and lazy holiday, probably to Bodrum. I have been to Bodrum two years ago, staying at the Hotel Isil Club Milta. This place is really heaven on earth. We found a good promotion on the internet for this hotel. Somehow I just have to scrap the money together :) I have often been to Turkey (Belek, Kusadasi and Bodrum) and Bodrum is by far the most beautiful destination in my opinion. The city center is really authentic and really pretty in comparison to other Turkish cities.

Would you like me to write some personal posts more often? Anyway here are some of my latest Instagram pictures.

I received some lovely gifts through a give away from

On a lazy afternoon I had this lovely Italian burger at Shoko. It was a hamburger between a focaccio bread and french fries.

I'm not a person to sit around all the time so being ill was a really hard time for me. My best friend and I made a quick visit to Primark and had this delicious dessert at Häagen-Dazs.

I finally had the time to check out Sofie Valkiers' Little Black Book she presented during her Ladies night.

A while ago I had the honor to work together with Zalando and as a reward I got these amazing shoes.

I had the honor to attend the I love Fashion Bloggers Q&A. After a long train ride these little bites were very welcome.

The NHow hotel in Rotterdam was the location for this event. Don't you just love this view?

I was so glad to meet my Dutch blogging frieds Esmeralda and Kevin again, I met them at a previous event.

Me joined by some blogging legends: Negin Mirsalehi, Yara Michels and Linda Toll.

An upclose from the outfit that I wore to the event.

The occasional selfie.

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  1. nice pics !

    Would love to know what you think of my latest outfit post! Let me Know

  2. What cool pics - and I really would love to flick through Fashionata's book :)