donderdag 5 juni 2014

OUTFIT: Changes

The title from this outfit post doesn't really refer to my outfit but to some changes I have been planning for my blog. For example: I'm thinking about blogging in both English and Dutch. Dutch is my mother tongue and most of my readers are from Belgium and the Netherlands. What is your opinion about it? Would your prefer to read my articles in Dutch? Do you think it will help me and attrack more readers?

So now on to the real reason from this post, another outfit shoot I did with  Anil Bayrak Photography. I really love this outfit, unfortunately I only have two pictures to show you. Bright blue is really one of my favourite colors each spring. The earrings are already quite old but I still use them a lot. A while ago I wrote an inspirational post on different ways to wear a scarf therefore I decided to wear my Hermès scarf as a headband.

I'm wearing

dress: /, watch: Michael Kors, shoes: Steve Madden, scarf: Hermès, earrings: H&M

Below you can find some suggestions to recreate my outfit and you can buy them straight from my blog, it's very safe!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. White looks stunning on your skin tone!


  2. Mooi kleedje en ook mooie foto's! :-)


  3. Jammer dat het niet zoveel foto's zijn, but it looks good!!! wat zijn je plannen met je blog? denk dat je daar eerst over na moet denken wat je wilt bereiken en de toekomst! Heb je trouwens niet is nagedacht om een domein te kopen? xxx

    1. Hey Kevin... Ja ik heb wel al over nagedacht om een eigen domein te kopen maar ik ben niet zo een IT expert dus heb een beetje schrik met het overzetten van mijn gegevens enzo.

  4. Mooi Karen, vind de jurk jou te gek staan! liefs, Esmeralda

  5. I wouldn't mind that you write it in both languages. xoxo

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