zondag 22 juni 2014

Instalab #18

Another update about my personal life! I'm just back home from Sunrise Festival. I usually visit a lot of festivals every summer. My favorite stages are the hardstyle stages, I love this kind of music. It gives me energy to keep on going the whole day. I tend to avoid the stages with commercial music since I can just listen to that while going out.

NL: Weer tijd voor een update van mijn privé leven! Ik ben net terug thuis van Sunrise Festival. Ik bezoek elk jaar best veel festivals. Mijn favoriete podia zijn dan hardstyle stages. Geloof het of niet, maar dit is echt mijn favoriete soort muziek. De beat geeft me energie om de hele dag te blijven gaan. Je zal mij dus niet snel terug vinden bij de commerciële muziek want die hoor je altijd als je gewoon op stap gaat.

Cooking time. I never cook so preparing a three course dinner for my friends was a real challenge.

My dessert: pizza dough with chocolate sauce, red fruits and ice cream

A friend of mine performing as a dj at the Tongerse Feesten.

Dessert at my friend's place: strawberries with chocolate and ice cream.

My view from the terrace of "Chateau Neercanne".

Party time at Ipanema, the beach club from Versuz.

The dress I bought for my godchild's birthday.

Cocktails with my best friends.

Cheering for the Red Devils during their first game at the World Championships.

Triple J Bar in Bilzen, a pop up cocktail bar/terrace.

A super delicious penne Toscane with parmaham, mozzarella, tomatos, rucola and pesto.

One of the pictures I took at Sunrise Festival. My favorite dj Mark with a K performing together with Mc Chucky.

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  1. Oh hello... you eat the tastiest food!

  2. Enjoy your time. They seem great days :)

  3. Dat ijsje ziet er ook goed uit :-) En de cocktailbar in Bilzen, mmmm! Zo lekker.

    xxx Femke