donderdag 13 februari 2014

Bobo Tremelo fashion show at Versuz

Last Saturday I went to a very special fashion show in my favourite club Versuz. If you want a party night beyond your imagination, you should really go to Versuz. This club reopened last December and their clothing sponsor is Bobo Tremelo. I have been to fashion shows from Bobo before, read the article here. They even have a small shop in Versuz. 

This time Bobo presented their spring collection in Versuz with several fashion shows on the pumping beats. It wasn't the kind of fashion show you would expect. The models danced and partied on stage, this made the clothes look like extra fun to wear. The collection exists of bright colours such as pink and pastels. I'm going to check out their shop this Saturday to score my first spring dress for this season!

The pictures are all property from Versuz.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice collection! Just waiting for the spring to wear colorful clothes :)

  2. very beautiful collection :) love the pictures

  3. Beautiful photos! :)

  4. Dat ziet er leuk uit! Mooie topjes en dat witte jurkje op de een-na-laatste foto vind ik geweldig :D

  5. Looked like a fun event and fun collection too.


  6. Lovely collection. I've been to Versuz a looooong time ago :)