maandag 24 februari 2014

Milan Fashion Week day 4 + 5

Roberto Cavalli probably had my favourite catwalk from the week. The center of his set was a ring of fire — live flames lit in a circle — that ignited at the start of the show and remained burning for its duration. The models walked around this circle with matching outfits. But let's focus on the most important thing: the clothes. Most pieces came in black and grey shades, adding extra mysterie and that's what the Cavalli woman is all about.

The Pucci woman is known for her sexiness with lots of embellishments and head designer Peter Dundas always knows to bring a new spin on this theme. I would describe this collection as savage chic with lots of tribal elements in natural tones.

Pompeii and its faded murals and frescos served as inspiration for the decor and outfits from Roccobarocco. The show started off with some tight black and white combinations with stripes or checkered patterns. After those first 15 or so looks, the atmosphere changed and a firework of amazing colors were shown; pink, blue, gold and black. I absolutely adored the dresses with ancient symbols on them.

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  1. I loved Roberto Cavalli and also Moschino! Moschino could surprise me :D

  2. Mooie selectie van designers/foto's!


  3. i love the designs!

  4. absolutely stunninggggg i wish these pieces were available for street wear! haha

  5. Love these designs
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    A chic kiss ;)