woensdag 26 februari 2014


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A lovely pumpkin lasagna homemade by a friend.

Sometimes I crave fastfood so badly and McDonalds is the best.

Two models during the fashion show from Bobo Tremelo at Versuz. Read my report from that night here

Celebrating a friend's birthday at Versuz with some Bacardi Razz. You can image I didn't feel completely fresh to go to work the next day.

My parents went on holiday to Tuscany last year. This year I get to go along. According to my mother there's plenty of opportunity to shop there so I'm really excited. If you got some tips, please let me know!

I've been working out more lately. I already did Infraligne, which are muscle exercices in warm cabins. Now I started with Bootcamp and running. 

 My outfit to attend the fashion show from Goldies Herentals. Please check the report from that night here
Last Friday night I caugt up with a friend I hadn't seen for years, isn't that great? We had dinner at Etna, which is an Italian restaurant in Tongeren. All there pastas and pizzas are homemade. I ordered a vegetarian pizza and it was one of the best I had in my entire life!

Saturday day night I went to one of the best parties of the year. The event is called Reverze and it's one of the biggest indoor hardstyle festivals. The theme was "Guerdians of time". I really had a blast.

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  1. Cool pictures dear! Love that vegeterian pizza:)
    I'm from Italy and I'm sure that you'll enjoy a lot your trip to Tuscany!

  2. I think it tasted amazing :)

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  3. Looks like you had lots of fun!!!


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  4. Pumpkin lasagna sounds so good right now xx


  5. I can recommend you The Mall in Leccio Reggello. :-) I found some shoes from Sergio Rossi for 200 euro instead of 950 :-)