zaterdag 22 februari 2014

Milan Fashion Week day 3

After having been dazzled by Blugirl's show yesterday, I couldn't wait to see big sister Blumarine. The wait was worth it. Blumarine's collection for next winter took my breath away. I loved almost every piece. The collection is chic and exuberant. Lots of expensive fabrics, rich colors, golden completions. Very surprisingly were the Chinese touches some looks had. I tried to select some of my favourite looks, which was a very hard job to do.

The second show I watched on the 3th day of Milan fashion week was the Emporio Armani show. The show was not surprising but remained loyal to the usual style of the brand. Lots of black/white/grey combo's and very tight designs. Emporio Armani focus on the working woman was once again very noticeable. If you're a hardworking, chic and elegant woman, you'll find what you need at Emporia Armani. 

The Etro show started off very mysterious with the logo of the brand becoming smaller and less brighter every second. The clothes were less surprising; lots of bold prints and aztec influences. Nonetheless nobody can deny that the master is in the detail which is definitely true for Etro. The color shades were red, burgundy, brown and dark blue. 

Who didn't know Versace yet might be surprised by the following words: Donatella Versace presented a calm and normal collection. What I mean by that? Well let's be honest, usually the house doesn't know how to pick colors so they use almost every bright color known to mankind and secondly the clothes sometimes give you a "trashy" feeling. But this season the collection is quite wearable for a night out and Donatella managed to stick to 3 à 4 colors for the whole collection.
The Versace fans don't have to worry tough: there are still dresses with high splits and deep cleavages, the fabrics are very sexy,.. Overall I'm a fan of this collection.

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  1. Aiaiai! I'm so crazy for the dress with the fur! Great post!

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  2. lovely dresses! Really chic!

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  4. Great photos. I love all these pieces

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