vrijdag 5 augustus 2016

BEAUTY: Extensions by Besthairbuy

My hair is holy to me. I may wear sport pants and no make-up but as long as my hair looks great, I'll feel great. When I get together with friends and I tell them that I go to the hair dress each week, they look at me as if I'm insane. They start bragging about their super cheap hair dresser and that their hair is done as good as mine. I definitely don't want to sound stuck up but let's be real.. most of the times their highlights or extensions suck big time. I may be more attentive to this because hair is so important to me but don't try to mess with me about this subject ;-)

Being a blogger I'm always on the lookout for new and better treatments and products. I've experimented with different kind of shampoos and clip-in extensions and I've looked into wigs. Super stars like Kylie Jenner make it look like so much fun to have different hair lengths and colours every days and this is also possible for mere mortals like you and me.

This is how I ended up on the website Besthairbuy. Their motto: "Style your hair - style your life". Sounds pretty good to me! Besthairbuy sells human hair extensions and other hair care related products.

I usually wear my hair straight (in the weekends) or curly (during the week). I've tried some straight hair extensions a while ago which I grew to look a lot. So it's definitely time to extend my collection of hair products with curly extensions.

My preference goes to virgin hair. This is unprocessed hair which means it has not been dyed, bleached,... Looking on Besthairbuy I've found these deep curly diamond extensions. These curls are almost identical to mine so it would be the perfect fit I guess. Diamond refers to the level of quality and this is the top notch quality hat Besthairbuy has to offer. Usually this product comes at $54,99 but at the moment there's a 15% discount, so right now you only pay $46,74. Below you can see some pictures, do you like these extensions?

Like most of you I guess I'm still a bit reluctant towards online shopping, definitely when it's a web store you use for the first time. But luckily I found quite some reassuring information on the Besthairbuy website such as safe payment methods, quick deliveries, quality guarantees,.. What are you waiting for girls? Get your hair in shape!

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