donderdag 25 augustus 2016

FASHION: Homecoming dresses

Sadly summer is almost over and that means it's almost time to go back to school for the students amongst us. Although you might feel reluctant about schoolwork and studying luckily there are some upsides about being a student as well. One of those upsides is celebrating Homecoming and I'm going to help you find the perfect dress for this occasion.

Dressthat  is a China based webshop which specialises in occasion dresses. These dresses are made with great care in their own factories by professional tailors. I found quite some gorgeous and cheap homecoming dresses on their webstore.

My first choice is a pink lace and tulle dress with a bow. This dress looks super cute and you will definitely stand out from the crowd where most people usually wear black. Another option is the navy and chiffon dress. It looks very festive and is subtlty sexy. Last but not least I opted for a vintage black dress. This is a safer option if you don't feel confident enough to steal the show. Due to the vintage vibes in this dress, you'll end up making a statement nevertheless.

I've mentioned the product links beneath each picture. Which dress is your favourite?

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