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We all know and adore them: the it-bags. The term is often used for high priced bags from famous fashion houses. The most well-known brands to release it-bags are probably Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. The bags usually have a very recognizable design and often have a logo on them.

I like to make the difference between two kinds of it-bags. First there is the it-bag that lasts a lifetime such as the Chanel 2.55, the Louis Vuitton Speedy and the Hermes Birkin bag.
But  the last 10 years another kind of it-bag has appeared on the scene: the temporary it-bag. This is a bag everybody wants for like 1 or 2 seasons and is likely to be slowly forgotten later on. An example of this kind of it-bag is the Louis Vuitton white monogram. Once upon a time everybody wanted this bag, nowadays everybody despises this bag and honestly it's almost not done to be seen with it.

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to trying to buy fewer things and definitely buy fewer dresses since I have about 130 dresses. I'm kind of addicted to dress shopping. I'm going to focus on more lasting and useful pieces. From my own experience a designer bag is the best investment piece to buy. I never get tired of carrying around my Louis Vuitton speedy bags or Chanel 2.55 bag. Every time you still feel kind of special.
So for this article I made a list of 10 it-bags I really want to have. For each bag I'll try to sum up the pros and cons.

Celine Trapeze Bag

Pro: It's a big bag with some zippers so you can put a lot of stuff in it.
Con: I think this is the kind of bag that is not likely to become a classic.

Chanel Boy bag

Pro: The ultimate it-bag from this moment. Chanel never goes out of style.
Con: A friend of mine told me if you wear the bag body cross, the bag starts to lose its shape which is unacceptable in comparison to the price tag.

Chloé Small Marcie bag

Pro: It's a small bag which you can take everywhere.
Con: I think I can easily find a good copy in H&M or Zara.

Givenchy Antigona bag

Pro: This bag is by far the number 1 on my wishlist. I check it out almost daily on the internet and can't get it out of my mind. This bag is an instant classic in my opinion. There's a very handy strap included so you can wear the bag body cross as well.
Con: The price tag. This bag starts from about € 1500,00 but the models I have in mind are about                € 2200,00. Plus I think my motivation to have this bag is pushed by the constant stream of streetstyle pictures with the Antigona in it.

Hermes Birking bag

Pro: Do I need to say more? This bag is the ultimate luxury bag and stands out for its handicraftmen's ship.
Con: Do I need to say more? The price tag.

Lady Dior bag

Pro: The Lady Dior was one of the first designer bags I fell in love with when I spotted a red model at Harrods. This bag is an all-time classic.
Con: I think the model is maybe a bit too old looking for me.

Michael Kors red studded Selma

Pro: This bag has been on my mind since my citytrip to Milan. All though Michael Kors is everywhere nowadays this is a model that I haven't seen in Belgium yet. It's a really stylish model. I have a clutch in the same texture and I'm very pleased about it.
Con: Everybody has a Michael Kors bag and I dislike things everybody has.

Mulberry Alexa bag

Pro: The Alexa has proven to be a classic since it's already on the fashion scene for quite some years. This again is a bag that not everybody has and is very stylish.
Con: This bag is a hard one because in some colors it looks ugly and in some it looks pretty. Plus I have seen already a lot of copies from this bag. I don't mind investing in a designer bag but when I do, I want people to notice the bag.

Saint Laurent Paris the Cabas

Pro: This bag is already a classic and is seen on many celebrity arms. The bag is available in different sizes and colors and has a very useful model. 
Con: I think the bag is quite expensive. A lot of brands offer the same kind of model but cheaper.

Victoria Beckham

Pro: I absolutely adore this woman and it would be amazing to wear a piece from her. 
Con: The bag is not that special. This is a, everyday model that can be found everywhere.

Let me know which is your favourite? Which should I buy?

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  1. Great bags, all of them ! I personally got an Antigona and it's wonderful, love it so much <3. As for Chanel, I'd buy a 2.55 more than the Boy model, it just seems more valuable with time. I loved the old YSL cabas but the new one is too expensive for the shape that is more ordinary. I would love a Celine trapeze more than the Boston one, but I love all Celine bags. I have a passion for Balenciaga bags, but maybe you do not like them since you didn't consider them in this list ?. This is my two cents, hehe =) Kisses

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    1. Thanks for your comment Vale! I was already wondering if the Antigona is good quality so your comment answers that question! I already have the Chanel 2.55 but really love the boy as well.
      Balenciaga has some pretty bags as well but what bothers me about them is that lots of cheap brands has a balenciaga like moden in their collection. I forgot them in my list, but it's impossible the make a list of ALL the bags I want ;)

  2. I would go for the Chanel or Givenchy!
    Mafalda ❤

  3. In love with Chanel :)


  4. Love your it bags!!! My favorite at the moment is Chanel boy!

  5. Wil ze allemaal ! Sommige in een ander kleurtje maar wel dat model ! x

  6. I love the Céline, Chanel and Victorias Secret bag :D

  7. Would love to own the Mulberry Alexa bag :) This Alexa and the Bayswater must be my favorites :)

  8. Vind die eerste erg mooi. Prachtige kleur ook!