donderdag 30 januari 2014

Jennifer Lawrence and Dior: a neverending lovestory

Jennifer Lawrence is hot in Hollywood at the moment. No red carpet event passes by without her. And no Jennifer Lawrence without a Dior gown. It's like the perfect love triangle. The actress is already for quite some time the face of Dior and rumor has it she'll extend her contract.

At the moment the management from Jennifer Lawrence and Dior are still negotiating for a 3-year long contract which would be worth 15 - 20 million dollars. Lawrence has already promoted Dior in some special ways; we will never forget how she accepted her Oscar award last year only seconds after tripping over her gown on a staircase; or this year's Golden Globe dress which caused a true hit on Instagram. 

Jennifer Lawrence has some big shoes to fill. Previous ambassadors from Dior were Nathalie Portman, Marion Cottilard, Charlize Theron and Mila Kunis. 

So what do you think about Jennifer Lawrence being the face of Dior? If you haven't made up your mind yet, check out the following pictures.

Party in honor of The Hunger Games at the Cannes film festival

promotion The Hunger Games at the Cannes film festival

Golden Globes 2014

Christian Dior fashion show in Paris

Golden Globes 2013

Oscars 2013

premiere The Hunger Games

ad campaign for Dior

promotion for The Hunger Games

ad campaign for Dior

The Hunger Games premiere in Madrid

The Hunger Games premiere in Berlin

The Hunger Games premiere in London

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  1. Love her!
    Zeker omdat ze zo normaal is en met voetjes op de grond blijft.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  2. Het zwarte jumpsuit en rode kleed vind ik het mooist!

    x Jill

  3. Great post ! Love Jennifer ! #inspiration

    -Stephanie Guerrero

  4. I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence - great blog post.

  5. Leuk! ik wist niet dat ze voor Dior werkte! :-) Echt een mooie dame.