vrijdag 11 april 2014

Instalab #14

It has been a while since I last updated you about my personal life. The reason for that is that I have been incredibly busy with work, posting 4 - 5 times a week a new article on the blog and lots of appointments in my personal life as well. As you can see below I attended some events but also checked out different restaurants,... Let me know which is your favourite picture!

Being busy means you have to multitask. So while I'm at the hairdresser, I also did my nails and tried to suck in new inspiration by reading fashion magazines.

One Wednesday per month, the event Overtime is organized in club Versuz. This is an afterwork party. My friends and I were vips at the Mini Store area.

This outfit shoot I did together with my mum. I called it A touch of red.

One of the events I attended the past month was the Men at Work Ladies night

The other event I attented was one of the most exciting events I ever went to: the Denvin Fashion show. The report from this event is my most read article so far, definitely check it out here

Trying out new places and things to eat are my favourite things to do. These nachos I had at Kiwi Maastricht.

The busy lifestyle and lots of partying had their effect on my weight unfortunately. Therefore I inscribed at a gym. I try to work out at least three times a week.

Sometimes I can't help myself but cheat on my diet.

Another hotspot to eat is Poco Piu in my hometown. I loved this place so much that I devoted an article to it. 

Another outfit shoot I did while spending the night at Luik. 

The past week I also went to Brussels to get my hands on some goodies from the H&M conscious collection. My best friend and I were too early so we decided to grap a healthy breakfast.

This is one of the pictures I shot while driving through Brussels. Big cities really give me some kind of overwhelming energy. I could easily see myself live in one. I really think we (myself included) don't pay enough attention to all the amazing buildings and scenes we have in our own country.

I eventually only bought this hear ribbon from the H&M conscious exclusive collection. Unfortunately some of the pieces I liked weren't available in the H&M store in Brussels.

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  1. Looks really cool x


  2. Grgs clicks
    My recent one :http://www.cosmochics.com/reviews/urban-decay-naked3-eyeshadow-palette-review-swatches-eotd-fotd/

  3. Leuk artikel! Je hebt het duidelijk druk! :-)

  4. Zo je bent inderdaad erg druk, maar het ziet er naar uit dat je een goed leventje leid :D en..hmm.. soms is fast food ook gewoon lekker!