maandag 16 december 2013

A Saturday afternoon at Jimmy Choo

Last summer I've been searching and searching for the perfect pair of new sunglasses but unfortunately I couldn't find a pair that exactly matched my desires. I had a fancy frame in mind with a touch of gold. So when I entered the Jimmy Choo shop Saturday, looking for new flats, I couldn't imagine finding the perfect pair of sunglasses there.

So like I said I was looking for flats. I bought my previous pair of Jimmy Choo flats a couple of years ago in London and I'm super pleased about them. The quality is amazing. I still have them and although I almost wear them every day during the summer, they're still in a good shape.

Looking around in the shop, a couple pairs of shoes immediately hit my wishlist but unfortunately Jimmy Choo Antwerp doesn't over seize 42. But I didn't get a lot of time to be sad. Someone from the staff offered the clients some cocktails and macarons. While sipping at my champagne the rack with sunglasses catched my eye. Before I knew it I had fallen in love with the perfect pair of sunglasses. They have this brownish print with a golden frame. Do you like them?

btw: I've also added some pictures from my outfit. As you can see my leather pants and biker boots have become my favourite shopping outfit.

I'm wearing
blouse: Primark
pants: Supertrash
boots: Supertrash
scarf: Supertrash
coat: Lipsy
bag: Michael Kors
watch: Michael Kors

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  2. Super mooie zonnebril! Ik kijk altijd in de etalage, maar ben nog nooit durven binnengaan. Nét iets te duur ;)

    M. - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

    1. Dankjewel Marlies! Het is ook de eerste keer dat ik hier in België iets gekocht heb maar gewoon voor "sightseeing" is het ook al leuk om binnen te gaan hé :p