woensdag 18 december 2013

New Chanel Make-up

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday but I'm having the flu and had a really bad day. But I'm planning to make it up to you. Over the weekend I visited my favourite make-up store Ici Paris XL and bought three new products.

The first one is the Chanel Stylo yeux waterproof long-lasting eyeliner. I have been using it for over a year now and I'm super pleased about it. I hate real kohl eyeliners. This Chanel eyeliner is kind of soft crayon which you don't have to sharpen. The line doesn't fade during the evening though I must admit it sometimes tend to blur a bit.

The second product I bought was le volume de Chanel mascara in black. Lately I used Dior show but I wasn't satisfied about it anymore. After a while the mascara started to dry out. A saleswoman at Ici Paris advised me le volume de Chanel because it gives both volume and length. I'm quite pleased about  this one. It doesn't blur but for me a mascara should be more visible and thicker.

The 3th product I bought was the Taboo 583 nailpolish. This nailpolish caught my eye because of its color. It 's a purple metallic but it has a red shine as well. Or so it seems at least. Unfortunately when you apply the nailpolish, the red shine isn't visible anymore. Once it's on your nails, the color reminds me a lot of the "Bête noire" from Estée Lauder, which is a color I already own. Don't misunderstand me: I really adore this color and the one from Estée Lauder is almost used up. But I wish the red shine would be visible on your nails as well. I would definitely advise to use two layers.

Because I bought three Chanel products I also got a Chanel make up bag.

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