woensdag 4 december 2013

Fashion show party collection Bobo

My weekend was packed with fashion. Sunday I went to the fashion show from Bobo. This is a very famous shop in Belgium with lots of party dresses. Well known Belgian models always hit the runway such as Veronique De Kock, Annelien Coorevits and Anne De Baetzelier. I tried to take some pictures from the outfits I liked, which was very hard because it was very crowded. I bought one dress which I will show you this weekend. Which is your favourite look?

It won't get any chicer than a white outfit with fur. I adore the gloves.

Again the fake (!) fur details.

Red is one of my all time favourtie colours. Unfortunately I don't have many red clothes yet. So this is definitely on my wishlist.

This is the dress I bought but with other colours. I'm totally in love with one sleeve dresses.

I love this aristocrastic look with the pliƩ dress, pearl necklace, the updo and the gloves with fur.

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