maandag 23 december 2013

Local design talent at La Bottega

Last Friday I was invited to a press conference from La Bottega but unfortunately I couldn't go because of work. Luckily Kaatje, who invited me in the first place, provided me with me some information about the press conference.

Let me first introduce you to La Bottega. This is probably the most famous shoe store in Limburg (Hasselt). This store provides shoes, accessories and clothes for men, women and children. Some of their brands are Michael Kors, Guess, Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith. You can also shop online here.

The press conference was held at the recently opened Plaza Bottega at the old gin destillery. Plaza Bottega is a temporary vintage coffee bar. At the press conference La Bottega announced the launch of exclusive shoe designs from  two local designers, Stefan Meuwissen and Samina Carremans.

Samina Carremans has Spanish origins and her passion has always been flamenco. You can see this interest in her exclusive designs. She's a flamenco teacher and often goes to Sevilla to stay up-to-date, this is also very useful for her designs. The shoes are ideal for everyday use and very comfortable and are handmade.

The other designer for La Bottega is Stefan Meuwissen. This 27-year-old  designer recently opened his first shop and atelier in Genk. His collection is a mix of charms and confidence. His shoes are like a fairytale. Stefan Meuwissen works together with a Milanese family company to ensure the quality of his products. He even designs personalised shoes. Check out his collection from January onwards in the pop-up store at La Bottega. 

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