zondag 15 december 2013

Colorhungry at Pinko

About two months ago I attended the FW fashion show from Pinko at their store in Antwerp. Read the report about that night here. Pinko is an Italian brand that's very innovative and contemporary. Pinko offers clothes for every kind of woman. I would describe this season's collection as a combination of grunge, punk, lots of black & white pieces, camu, pop art and of course some evening dresses as well.

After the fashion show we got an invitation to have a meeting with a color consultant. So yesterday my friend and I were off to Antwerp again. Nele from Colorhungry welcomed us very warmly and explained how a color analysis works. From every color she has 4 different clothes with different shades of each color. Each time Nele and we decided which color shade suited us best.

Nele started off with putting a gold and silver cloth in front of us. By doing this she can check which season type you are. I'm a winter type which means I have a blue undertone in my skin. After the session you get a color passport with a guideline to which colors to wear and which colors to avoid. I think this is  very interesting because firstly I discovered some new colors which I never imagined wearing but exactly looked very good on me. Secondly these colors show you how to emphasize your face in a good way and who doesn't want that?
Nonetheless I also believe style and dressing up comes from a feeling inside. Some clothes simply give you good feeling and I will keep on following this feeling as well. For example with my skin it would be better to wear silver jewelry but my personality is more attracted to golden jewelry. I like to stand out in a crowd and over and over again I'm more attracted to big and golden jewelry.

Still I would advise this color analysis to everyone. It's very interesting to see what different shades of every color does with your face. Normally when you go shopping you're not aware of this difference. But when in doubt during a shopping trip I will definitely keep this color passport in mind.

I would like to thank Pinko and Nele from Colorhungry for this interesting afternoon.

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