vrijdag 27 december 2013

My week on Instagram

Another week has passed by, see here's what I have been up to. 

Le Jardin is a semi annual party at Tongeren. It's always outside and this year the church was a memorable background. 

Catching up with some classics! Old school Alice in Wonderland.

Dressing up for a party on Mondaynight. This is one of my all time favourite dresses, it's from Karen Millen.

It's nice to get appreciation for the job you're doing.

Appetizers at Christmas eve.

My family (as am I) are not very good at buying original gifts therefore I got lots of money for Christmas. Nonetheless I got Lola from Marc Jabobs and Killer Queen from Katy Perry. Check my blog later this week for a review of both parfumes. 

I got to choose our main dish at Christmas eve: Gourmet. 

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