maandag 2 december 2013

Beauty and Fashion night by Charis Fashion

Friday evening I went to a beauty and fashion night in Tongeren. One of my favourite shops, Charis Fashion, was one of the participants. Charis Fashion is a very cozy shop in the center of Tongeren and sells brands such as Supertrash, Lipsy London, Jacky Luxury,... There's also a range of brands for men. I would describe the style as a mix of party dresses and some really fashionable basics. You can also complete your outfit here with shoes and jewelry.

During this fashion night the models were dressed in the party collection from Charis Fashion. In the pictures below I will show you some of my favourite pieces. I'm sorry for the bad picture quality!

PS: I bought the skirt in the last picture. I hope I can soon do a new outfit post but I'm lacking a bit of time at the moment.

I wore my new fur coat to this event. Do you like it?

I'm wearing
dress: Jacky Luxury
fur coat: Lipsy London
shoes: New Look
bag: Liu Jo

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  1. Wonderful looks...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I've added your blog on bloglovin, please follow me as well :

  2. Love your fur coat, looks so cozy and stylish. You look gorgeous!

  3. love ur coat!! shoes are awesome!! :)