vrijdag 30 oktober 2015

FASHION: Jeulia Jewelry - Cyber Monday

November is such an exciting month fashion wise definitely if you love online shopping like I do. The past ten years quite some traditions have blown over from the United States. My favorite one is Cyber Monday. For those who are not with familiar with this day: the first Monday after Thanksgiving web shops offer crazy deals and reductions. So mark 30th November in your agenda!

Everyone knows that every good adventure starts with a person well prepared and the same goes for online shopping. The first Cyber Monday deal was offered to me by Jeulia Jewelry and I definitely wanted to share this with you because I suppose most of you aren't familiar with this webshop yet .

Jeulia Jewelry is a recently launched webshop and the perfect place to shop rings and other jewelry. They specialize in pieces for special occasions such as an engagement. It's Jeulia's goal to design high quality but also affordable jewelry. This is achieved by selling directly to the costumer. Below some of my favorite items from the webshop which you can purchase on Cyber Monday with huge reductions up to 50% !

If all of that wasn't enough yet to convince you to order on Jeulia Jewelry, the webshop also offers some additional advantages e.g. free delivery. Also a bunch of different payment possibilities are available. Make sure you check all the information Jeulia Jewelry offers before ordering such as a : ring size guide, 60 day return policy, free luxury packages,..

Last but not least I would like to finish this blogpost by sharing with you the story of how Jeulia Jewelry got created. Each Valentine's day two lovers would gift each other some handmade rings. After graduating from college starting up a jewelry company became their life mission.

Click on the logo below to go the Jeulia Jewelry Youtube Channel to see all their products from up-close.


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